Size Questions

Please try to use the size chart and size recommender on the product page first.


Our suits are sold in sets with the standard 6" size drop between the jacket and pants. We are unable to mix and match sizes for any order and do not offer alterations. The waist of our pants can be let out up to 2" or taken in up to 3" by a tailor, who can also taper in and shorten the suit to your desired fit.

98% of all people who buy any suit will need alteration.

To ensure you have the perfect fit and look as great as you can, before you go out in your new suit, we’d recommend you find a good local tailor who can handle the standard alterations if needed.

If you’d like the suit to have more tapered and form-fitting look, your local tailor can always taper in the jacket and pants to your desired fit, as everyone’s body type varies.

Before an actual alteration is made, your tailor can let you know if the adjustment would fix the fit issues. Altered suits are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Not sure? Contact us!

If you have any questions about choosing a size or fitting issues please feel free call or email us at:
+32 487 53 45 84