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Much of the menswear industry has come to settle on a standard that is mediocre. Fast, cheaply constructed clothing that fits poorly, has short lifespans, and lacks personality.
We do not accept those standards.
We believe that every man should look his best at all times, wearing clothing that is custom-made for him alone. Clothing made to superior standards, with the finest and most versatile fabrics available, utilizing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skill at every turn.
That is our standard.


Without realizing it, knots are almost everywhere we look--especially when we look at clothing. From the fibers themselves to the way a garment is woven or knitted, we wear knots constantly. They are symbols of unity, strength, complexity. The knot in our logo has tremendous importance to us, representing the collaborative process between stylist and client, but also the way our clothing is made--utilizing both the human touch and precise technology at every step. To tie a knot properly, you must intricately understand the material being knotted--just as we know every detail of the fabrics we use, and the construction process we have created and constantly improve. Our knot represents all the things that bind us together.